4 Pull Up Workouts: A Versatile Way To Exercise

4 Pull Up Workouts: A Versatile Way To Exercise

Exercise is a great way to maintain your physical health. Multiple recent studies have extolled the health benefits of regularly exercising, such as increased heart health and decreased chances of developing heart diseases or having a stroke.

If you exercise regularly, you will increase your average lifespan due to heart disease being the number one cause of death in the western world.

There are many ways to exercise in this modern day and age. Many people opt to pay for gym memberships so they can always have an easily accessible gym so they can exercise during their free time.

The downside to having a gym membership is that it is usually a yearly, recurring cost, and that your gym may be somewhat out of the way for you to get to after a long day at work or a day on which you have a particularly busy schedule.


Your next option for exercise can be more naturally-oriented and really depends on the area in which you live. If you have a lake nearby, for example, or a public pool, you can exercise by swimming, or you could go jogging or bicycling.

These forms of exercise have a small monetary investment but they usually end up being rather time consuming, so they are difficult to accomplish if you find that you have an inordinately busy schedule.

The next option you have when it comes to exercise is purchasing exercise equipment so you can exercise within the comfort and convenience of your own home.

There are many types of exercise equipment that you may purchase that you can use in your home, and your choice here will depend entirely upon how much you are willing to spend and the type of exercise you would like to do.

Home Pull-Up

One of the best ways you can exercise within your home is by purchasing a pull up bar and doing pull up workouts, this can easily work out many parts of your body through various pull up workouts such as pull up bar abs workouts, pull up dips workouts, pull up chest workouts, or pull up back workouts.

What does pull up workout accomplish, you may ask? There are certainly many health benefits to working out with a pull up bar and we will do our best to list them throughout the course of this guide.

This large variety of workouts can easily exercise many parts of your body so it is a good idea to purchase a pull up bar if you want to do a variety of workouts to work on your upper body.

Workout 1 - Chin Up

The first pull up bar workout that we will look at is the typical chin up, which everyone knows of as the trademark workout for pull up bars. This push up pull up workout is the easiest to accomplish and consists of evenly spacing your hands along the bar at the same width as your shoulders and pulling yourself up until you are at chin level with the bar.

Chin Up Excercise

This workout helps with building up your biceps and triceps. If you wish to build arm muscle with your new pull up workout, look no further than the standard chin up.

Workout 2 - Hanging Leg Raises

This workout is a little more unconventional when compared to the standard chin up. The hanging leg raise is a workout which exerts your abs, and it is accomplished in a different fashion than typical chin ups.

Hanging Leg Raises

You can do a hanging leg raise by holding onto the pull up bar firmly, and then lifting your legs off of the floor and holding yourself in a sitting position with your torso held straight.

This workout is a lot harder than it looks so you should make sure that you have the necessary upper body strength so you can hold yourself up by the bar for a long enough period of time.

Workout 3 - The Windshield Wiper

Another more unconventional pull up workout that can be done on your pull up bar is the windshield wiper. This is not a beginner pull up workout so we recommend that you are at least at an intermediate level of effectiveness and experience doing pull up workouts on your pull up bar.

The Windshield Wiper Pull Up Bar

This exercise is rather difficult to explain, although it consists of gripping the bar firmly with both hands and then swinging your legs out alternatively towards the left or the right so you imitate the movement of a windshield wiper. This workout also requires a great deal of upper body strength, so it helps to make sure that you can hold yourself up with your arms.

Workout 4 - Negative Pull Ups

The next form of our guide on pull up bar workout routines will outline how to accomplish negative pull ups, which are really much less intimidating than they sound.

Negative pull ups are an ideal form of exercise for those of us who may be exercising on a pull up bar for the first time, therefore they comprise a perfect workout as a doorway pull up bar workout or other form of beginner pull up workout for those just getting into this form of exercise.

Negative Pull

Negative pull ups are easy to accomplish, as all you must do is the second half of a standard pull up, using a chair or rungs to get the a high position and lowering yourself from that to fully extended arm length slowly.


In conclusion, we hope you can see that exercising on a pull up bar is not difficult nor an intimidating prospect to begin to dabble in. The health benefits are very worthwhile and the wide variety of exercises makes it so you can work out multiple muscle groups.

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