Body Vision Power Tower Review

Body Vision Power Tower Review

Exercising is an important aspect of everyone’s life. It allows you to train your body to become stronger through intensive exercise as well as improve your health in the long-term. People who frequently exercise are reported to have longer life spans, shorter periods of depression and good physical awareness.

Men doing pull-ups.

That’s why it’s important to have a versatile piece of gym equipment in your home. Power towers do just that by having a myriad of exercises packed into one machine.

It’s an important investment to your health that will pay off within a few weeks of consistent training.

In this article, we’ll review the Body Vision Power Tower. We want you to get an in-depth look at the product’s strengths and weaknesses before you plan to buy.

By the end of the article, you’ll understand how this power tower delivers results and why it’s a solid piece of gym equipment.

Here are the few topics that we’ll discuss throughout the article:

  • What is a Power Tower?
  • Body Vision’s Home Exercises
  • ​Product Review
  • ​Buying Advice
  • Conclusion

What Is A Power Tower

A power tower is an exercise tool that allows you to build your abdominal, lower, and upper body muscles. When using it, your body is fully involved in the workout. It’s a great piece of home equipment because it gives you a versatile range of exercises to do in one setting.

Body Vision’s Home Exercises

This power tower allows you to perform a multitude of basic exercises by using your body weight. A power tower is an excellent choice for an in-home workout.

  • Push-up Station: Located at the bottom of the station is a pair of non-slip push-up handles. It’s a great exercise that helps develop the triceps, chest and the deltas. The handles are of average width making them usable by most users.
  • Pull-Ups: This product comes with a comfortable grip, adjustable handles, and various hand positions to help develop different areas of the body. Use the power tower to improve your back muscles, biceps, chest, and triceps.
  • Dip Station: The dip station allows for the body to develop arm muscles, improved triceps, and a stronger grip. It’s a simple exercise but requires proper form to reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, it promotes growth in the shoulder and chest muscles.
  • Vertical Knee Raise: It helps to exercise the core muscles. This product comes with a comfortable pillow to keep your body in a fixed position during this routine. Different variations allow you to change the focus on which muscle groups you want to train.

Now that you know a few basic exercises, it’s time to go onto our review. In our review, we discuss exactly what makes this product stand out from the other pieces of gym equipment.

Product Review

Technical Specs

  • Multi-Station tower that trains the upper and lower body
  • Pull-up and Chin-up station with adjustable grip positions
  • ​Padded arm and back cushions
  • ​Foot grips double up as push-up bars
  • Leg raise station for lower abs and quads
Power tower.

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The Body Vision Power Tower is known as one of the best-selling power towers in the market. It’s an excellent choice for home workouts because there are no extra pieces of equipment needed.

One thing consumers liked was the product’s easy assembly. On average, it will take you at least 45 minutes to fully install the power tower in your home. The manual is easy to read making it easy for beginners to get started with their personal exercise routines.

Another important feature is its durability. Users weighing up to 250 pounds can use it effectively. In addition, the pull-up bar is very sturdy and slides to a slot; making it almost impossible for it to come off while you exercise. You’ll like this product if you need something that remains stable while you complete your home workouts.

The dip station section of the tower provides a leg raise option which serves to work out your quads. Also, there is a multi-grip chin/pull-up bar that creates a powerful upper body exercise that also targets the triceps.

Look Out For

You might want to look out for the bolts that come with the power tower. Make sure they are screwed in tightly to reduce the chances of it falling apart during your exercise.

Overall, it’s great for beginners who are learning how to exercise. The product is stable enough to support your weight and offers a multitude of exercise options at your disposal. Get this product if you are trying to increase your physical health

Buying Advice

Exercise Quality You want to buy a power tower that works for you physically. Cheaper models are often defective and can lead to failed workouts and even injury. Luckily, the Body Vision Power Tower comes with over four different exercises that target different muscles throughout the body.

Develop arm muscles.

Take note of how your body reacts during the end of the exercise. If you start to feel a slight sense of swelling, then the product has fulfilled its purpose of giving you a complete workout.

But, if you start to feel pain, chances are you need to replace your product or check your workout form.

Weight Capacity - Another thing that’s important to remember is the weight capacity of your power tower. For instance, the Body Vision Power Tower has a capacity up to 250lbs.

Before buying, check to see if the power tower is compatible to your weight.

If not, then chances are you’re better off buying an alternative power tower that suits you.


The Body Vision Power Tower is a must if you want to have a powerful home workout system. It comes with adjustable settings which allow you to target almost any muscle you plan to train. Ultimately, get this product if you are trying to maximize your home workout efforts.

To proceed, you need to find out if this power tower will work for you.

What’s your experience with the Body Vision Power Tower?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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