How To Rapidly Increase Your Pull-Up Reps In 1-4 Weeks

How To Rapidly Increase Your Pull-Up Reps In 1-4 Weeks

There is a just an endless of the benefits you can reap from performing proper pull ups. From strengthening your grip to building wider lats and a strong, thick back. The key to obtaining that perfect V-shape that so many professional bodybuilders do are non-assisted pull ups.

Being a compound exercise, pull ups target a variety of muscles, promotes multiple joint movements and can be performed in different variations, for example, chin up – which requires an under-grip. But pull ups are a more effective way to boost your back, lat, and shoulder strength.

Under/Over Grip

However, the exercise isn't as easy as it is beneficial. It is a pure body weight exercise. You will need to pull your entire body weight with your arm up till your chin and the come back down. No matter the form or stamina, this exercise will always kick your butt. But that is precisely why it is so awesome.

Struggling with Increasing your Pull Up Reps?

There is no question that beginners and your average gym goers who neglect doing pull ups just because it can suck the life out of you, will struggle to complete five effective reps. It takes plenty of stamina and endurance to perform ten perfect and grueling repetitions. However, there is no way you can't do it if you take things a bit slow and steady. In light of this mentioned below is a 4-week program that can help you maximize your pull up performance.

Vital Tips on How You Can Increase your Pull Up Repetitions

Week 1

You will struggle as a novice will if you lift heavy weights but don't do pull-ups at the gym. The first week focuses on taking thing nice and easy. Complete 2 to 3 reps as warm up. After that, aim at completing five eccentric pull ups. Eccentric pulls are when you jump and perform a pull-up and then slowly come down, putting all the strain on your back, lats, and shoulders.

Eccentric Pull-Up

Start on Monday, and gradually increase the number of repetitions throughout the week. Take a break on Sunday.

Week 2

Now that you are familiar with the movement and downwards control do not jump start the pull-up. Instead of 5 reps, try completing eight reps doing normal pull ups. You can divide this into sets of 2 with 30 the second break between each set.

  • Monday – perform eight repetitions, two sets
  • Tuesday – Try to complete ten repetitions. Do the first eight normally and jump at the last two reps. Be sure to come down slowly.
  • Friday – Increase the weight. Strap a weight plate and perform 6 to 8 repetitions unassisted.

Week 3

You have successfully entered the 3rd week of your pull up training, which is where things will start to suck the life out of you.

  • Monday – 8 to 10 repetitions of weighted pull ups without assistance
  • Wednesday – 10 to 14 repetitions of light-moderate pull ups (use light weights)
  • Friday – 4 repetitions x 3 sets of bodyweight pull ups.

Week 4

You may have gotten used to the routine by now.

  • Monday – 8 repetitions x 2 sets of heavy weighted pull ups
  • Wednesday – 24 repetitions of light to moderate pull ups (take a 30-second break after six reps)
  • Friday – The maximum number of repetitions you can achieve. Do sets of 3.

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